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The objective is to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment where children's growth and happiness are encouraged and championed.

Preschool Nursery

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B-72, Madhura Nagar

Opposite to Rajdoot Hotel

Hyderabad - 38

Landline: 040-2370-2156

Mobile: 81425-37343

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Nurturing love for learning...

We aim to provide total learning experience and skills which go a long way to achieve better learning and success.

We develop various qualities in the children: ability to concentrate on tasks undertaken, persevere (self-discipline), think logically and communicate clearly.

We lay strong foundation upon which all future learning is based: personal, social and emotional development.

We recognize each child's intellectual, emotional, and physical strengths and teach directly to their strengths.

Some Of Our Services

We teach basic etiquettes like exchanging greetings, sharing of food and toys, identifying their possessions, etc.

We impart training to make the child to become part of the fast-advancing hi-tech world that he/she will soon be brushing shoulders with.

It is better to learn by real world examples rather than textbooks. Hence our curriculum is packed with age-appropriate pre-school activities to stimulate your children in a variety of ways.

We impart learning through "Unit or Thematic approach" which incorporates and co-ordinates all areas of learning in the form of activities related to the theme in focus.

Pre primary, nursery

Children are our future. A sound educational set up strongly recommends parent-teacher co-operation to establish positive discipline and personality development in every child.